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Time for change?

Transformative Therapy For Adult Survivors of 
Childhood Trauma

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Done with just surviving?

Our realities are mostly shaped by the experiences, relationships, traumas and environments we grow up in. "Just surviving" is the outcome of living a life that is not of your choosing.   

Patterns are not coincidence, you can change your reality through understanding what happened to you, and challenging the outcomes.


If your ready, we can change "just surviving" to truly living.   

Jimi D Katsis

About Jimi

"Every one deserves to live a life full of meaning and joy, to transform and become the best version of themselves" 

Jimi has been helping people navigate complex lives for over 35 years. A combination of personal experiences clinical knowledge and intuitive insight create achievable pathways that transform, re energise and heal.

His therapeutic approach is "Integrative"  as a result, he able to provide a unique spectrum of therapy to a wide range of issues. He is an advanced practitioner and teacher of D.B.T and C.B.T (cognitive behavioral therapy) (dialectical behavioral therapy)

A passionate and highly experienced childhood trauma specialist  focusing on the outcomes of childhood trauma in adult life.

He is a member of the British Association of Counselling Psychotherapists, a clinical lead advisor and an accredited member of the United Kingdom Alliance of Counselling Psychotherapists and holds an advanced DBS background  check. 

The YOU Project

The YOU project

Recovery from Trauma, Depression & Anxiety

The most valuable investment you can make is in you.

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The way you think

The way you translate your world is completely tied to the language  you learned to speak. A new language, a new way to translate your world can change everything.

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The way you relate

How do you relate? How do others relate to you? What is your relational style and where does it come from? Discovering and understanding this can lead to new, more fulfilling relationships.

The way you work

Do you feel stuck on a path that feels pointless? That you could do and be so much more than you are doing. That you have lost direction and focus. Building a cohesive life plan with achievable, focused goals that opens up a career that you believe in doesn't have to be a fantasy.

Working Together

The way you live

Living a life that is not of your choosing is where many of us become stuck. Life happens to us all and it can feel that there is no way to change or affect the quality of life you have. Personal empowerment is about developing the energy to build towards the changes that will give you a life you want to live.

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Feedback I’ve Received

Starting therapy was the best decision i've made in years. Jimi was so easy to talk to, understood me at such a deep level.

Sally B

I've tried therapy before, but it has never felt as effective and transformative as it has been since working with Jimi.

Steven S

I felt listened to for the first time ever. I learned so much about myself and what makes me tick. It actually feel like i am in control.

Sandy W

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