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Jimi D Katsis, therapist

Meet Jimi

Jimi D Katsis looking a sea landscape

Dedicated to discovering authenticity

Jimi is a passionate advocate for people in distress, for over 30 years he has supported people to understand themselves and address the issues that undermine healing and restoration.  

He has a deep understanding of trauma, depression and anxiety. Complex family dynamics gender issues and transitions. 

His primary therapeutic goal is to uncover the obstacles to a life well lived based on authenticity. 

Jimi D Katsis near a tree

Authentic relationships

A cornerstone of Jimi's work is building an authentic therapeutic relationship. True therapeutic process can only truly happen when there is trust and understanding. Jimi is a naturally open and warm person and the relationships he builds are genuine, without judgment. 

Jimi D Katsis looking a black and white landscape

Authentic transformation

Jimi's approach to therapy is that each person is an individual that needs an individual unique process. There is no one size fits all, there is no single type of therapy that will fit every need. His view is that therapy needs to be entirely flexible and move with the needs that are presented. The end goal is to build a pathway that is entirely designed around each person. That is what informs the type a style of therapy so that the outcome delivers each person the where they want to be.

Jimi D Katsis


Member of the British Association Of Counselling Psychotherapists. Full Advanced DBS Checked

Clinical advisor & Accredited member of The International Guild of Psychotherapists 

Jimi D Katsis psychotherapist's accreditations
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