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Starving the Trauma, Nourishing Authenticity

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Hey everyone,

Today, we're delving into a journey that many of us know all too well: finding "you" after childhood trauma. It's about rediscovering our true selves after being masked by the experiences of our past.

Imagine being a child again, but in a world overshadowed by trauma. This trauma starts to erode the very core of who we are, leading us to adopt an identity shaped not by choice, but by circumstance. It's like wearing a mask so long that you forget your own face.

As children, without an emotional compass, we drift into these identities shaped by trauma. We adapt, often unknowingly, becoming who we need to be to survive the storm. The cost? A profound sense of loss, a feeling of floating through life without really knowing ourselves.

Fast forward to adulthood, and these childhood experiences continue to influence us. Our relationships, career choices, even daily habits can be overshadowed by this trauma narrative. We find ourselves playing roles scripted by our past, often without realising it.

Here's the crucial bit: this narrative, as defining as it seems, is a construct. It's built not just from trauma but from the adaptations we made to cope. And like any construct, it can be dismantled.

Becoming aware of this narrative is the first step. It's about stepping back and seeing the patterns in our thoughts and behaviours. It's about recognizing the difference between our true selves and the trauma speaking.

This awareness is the start of transformation. It's not easy; it demands confronting buried pain. But through this self-confrontation, we begin to rewrite our story.

Now, let's add another layer to this understanding. Living under the trauma construct is like starving our true selves. While we're living within this construct, we're inadvertently feeding the trauma, giving it strength and control over our lives. But living authentically is like starving this trauma construct and nourishing our true selves.

As we starve the trauma construct and feed our authentic selves, something remarkable happens. We begin to emerge and thrive. It's a process of reclaiming our identity, of taking back control from the narratives that have long governed us.

The road back to our truth is indeed challenging and slow. But choosing to live authentically, to break free from the trauma construct, brings a peace and joy that's indescribable. It's about living a life that's genuinely and beautifully ours.

So, to anyone on this journey, it's not just about finding "you"; it's about freeing yourself, about thriving as the person you were always meant to be.

Until next time, stay strong, and embrace your true self.

Jimi Katsis

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