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Embracing Play and Creative Expression to Let Your Inner Child Shine

Ah, remember the days when the world was a canvas, brimming with colours yet to be chosen, tunes yet to be sung, and stories yet to be told? We were the intrepid explorers of our back gardens, the fearless artists of the living room floor, armed with nothing but our imaginations. It was a time when creativity wasn’t just an activity; it was our way of being, a language we spoke fluently, without ever having been taught.

But somewhere along the line, the vibrant hues of our imagination began to fade, didn't they? The symphony of curiosity that once played so loudly within us was hushed by whispers of doubt, criticism, and the crushing weight of the word 'should'. And for those who’ve navigated the stormy seas of trauma, that music might have been silenced in the blink of an eye, leaving behind a silence so profound it seemed unbreakable.

Yet, within each of us, there lies a key, worn and forgotten, perhaps, but unbroken. It's the key back to that boundless wellspring of creativity, to the days when joy was a paint-splattered companion by our side.

Rekindling Our Creative Spark

The journey back to this place doesn’t require grand gestures or monumental acts of bravery. It starts with the smallest of steps, a tiny flame of defiance against the cold shadows of judgment and self-doubt.

Why not begin with something as simple as painting, without aim or purpose, other than to let your soul speak in strokes of colour? Or, find a space where you can dance in the dark, letting the music move you in ways forgotten, rediscovering the freedom in movement, unwatched, uninhibited.

These acts, small though they may seem, are powerful. They’re declarations that we haven’t lost our way entirely, that the path back to joy, to ourselves, is within reach.

Rediscovering Play

And what about play? It's something we often leave behind in childhood, viewed through the rearview mirror of adulthood as a quaint, but ultimately abandoned station along the way. Yet, to play is to engage with the world in its purest form, to see wonder in the mundane, to find joy in the moment.

Imagine allowing yourself to truly play again. It might be as straightforward as swinging on a swing, feeling for just a moment like you’re flying, untethered by the gravity of life’s responsibilities. Or perhaps it’s a day at the fair, where the lights and sounds offer a passport back to a time when every day held new magic to be discovered.

The Path Back to Joy

This journey is not without its challenges. It asks that we confront the parts of ourselves that we’ve silenced, and stand up to the voices that have kept us small. But the reward is the reclamation of our creativity, our joy, and our authenticity.

As we embark on this path, let's offer ourselves a gentle reminder: the worth of our creations isn’t found in their perfection or how they’re received by the world. It’s found in the act of creation itself, in the courage it takes to express ourselves, to be seen, to exist in a space where we are utterly, beautifully human.

So, I’m here, reaching out to you, as a friend might do over a cup of tea in the quiet of a kitchen, before the day stirs. Let’s take this journey together, shall we? Let’s be bold, let’s be playful, let’s remember how to dream.

Start small, with whatever brings a spark to your heart, and watch as that spark becomes a flame, illuminating the path back to a life filled with colour, with music, with joy.

Together, let’s rediscover the magic of our creativity, not as a distant memory, but as a living, breathing part of who we are. Here’s to finding our way back to the artists, the dreamers, the creators we’ve always been, and to the incredible beauty we can bring into the world when we do.

Jimi Katsis - Consultant Psychotherapist

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